First post I’ve written in a while. Two weeks abroad and food poisoning will sap your will to write, I can tell you.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there, but have you noticed on the TV that the tributes paid by the priests and religious are slightly ironic?

I don’t doubt that these people aren’t being genuine in terms of their remorse and horror at what happened; pretty much everyone, theists and atheists alike, are in agreement that this was a cowardly and despicable act that punished and killed thousands of innocent people as they went about their lives. It is not this sentiment I object to. What I do object to and find repulsive, is the religious trying to turn the events of 9-11 into something of meaning and purpose. There was no deep meaning, no higher purpose, and no divine or supernatural power at work that day. Only the sick and twisted machinations of people who were too brainwashed by their faith to know (or care) that what they were doing was evil.

The christians of America can rationalise it however they want, but at the end of the day what kind of god would allow such an atrocity to happen? A sick vengeful one? One guy I saw on TV who escaped the south tower said that god sent him a ‘guardian angel’ to guide him out of the tower. Oh yeah? And what about the 2,996 people who didn’t make it out? Where were their guardian angels? Why did they have to die? What about all the survivors who now have chronic lung disease but cause they inhaled the toxic dust left over from the collapse? Did your god think it necessary to draw out their deaths, prolonging their suffering? Fuck off. I think people need to wake up to the fact that religion is what caused these events to transpire in the first place. Religion has no place in a civilised society.

Religious faith is a massive liability, and I firmly believe that if our species is going to survive this century we must purge ourselves of it. I remember like it was yesterday when the towers came down. I was 14 and had just come home from school when I saw it all unfold live on TV. I remember feeling numb, like I was watching a movie or something, but knowing that it was all real; that when the towers fell people were dying.  All of the mourning and services that go on today will no doubt have a religious tone attached to them, but this is unnecessary and frankly insulting to the people that died that day. The idea that a god exists did not save those people, but it sure as hell killed them thanks to the deluded maniacs in those planes